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10-05-2011, 02:14 PM
i honestly realy dont see how hard it is do program a ship from being tier 3 to tier 5 it might be harder then i might think in my head but donst seem like it cuz ist just more slots and changing some numbers

what i dont get is the ignoring of the thousands of threads comments and other wanting this ship in tier 5 and telling cyptic they had it wrong and they need to fix it
It is not hard at all. Putting any skin on any frame is a piece of cake. It probably would not take more then a week to do it. That does not change the fact that doing that is not what Cryptic or CBS wants to do.

Personally I would not play in a game where every beginning ship was as tough as every end-game ship. It defeats the entire purpose of having new ships: and it is counter to the ideas of Trek and the fact that they have had ship progression for 45 years now.

And it is not thousands of fans asking for this. This forum does not even have thousands of fans posting it in. It is just a small group of people who post a lot.