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10-05-2011, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by RX-0_Unicorn
When I first started the demo for STO, I had the typical 'want!' reaction upon seeing the (albeit crippled) Typhoon class in the tutorial.

Its a shame that it needs so much work before it could be put in game, as I can't get enough of its unique nacelle layout, the double nacelle sharing a pylon look just seems so BA to me.

Makes me wonder how it would look if it got the attention it would need to get in game as a playable, skin or otherwise.
I think if they did change the ship, they would keep the nacelle design. I for one love the ship because of those nacelles and I think many Typhoon fans do as well. Anyway, it would seem odd for cryptic to get rid of it's signature trait, especially if so many people like it.