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10-05-2011, 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by Timelord_Victorious
I watched STOked today and when the topic there came to dilithium and the new economy system I was surprised to hear, that the plan is to reward Dilithium Ore which we have to refine by button push.
So far so good, but what peaked my interest was the proposed daily limit of dilithium refinement.
Apparently we can gather as much ore as we want (or have time to) but every day we might eventually hit a cap on how much of that we can actually turn into usable currency. Ore itself is worthless until refined.

I get that this limitation is meant to keep the economy and inflation in check. The stuff is meant to be tradable with C-Points after all.
But doesn't this also mean, that we can/have to effectively stop to play after we reached the limit we can refine?
We can save up for the days were we won't have much playtime, but we still have to log in and refine the ore even on days we would normally not play at all.
This could also lead to a high amount of ore you will never be able to catch up on refining eventually.

This sounds like you put a cap on efficient play time.

Unless the limit would be so high that no one not playing 24/7 would ever reach it.

Can someone please clarify/confirm this?
It is to control the economy, but more importantly to stop farming. There will also be places to go and events to allow you to get more Dilithium than your daily limit.