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10-05-2011, 05:16 PM
Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
The very reason we're here testing is that that the game is going F2P. I'm aware you know that, but that by design means that only things that are absolutely necessary to complete the game are given away free. The others will require money or perhaps just an extensive amount of grinding. Don't know how some people think that they give can away everything for free and still operate the game, but they can't and won't.
Originally Posted by Adrianas
You DO have to realize that this is a business at the root and the owners/developers will do what they feel will enhance the profitablity of the game. We might not like it but put yourself in their place, they want to keep their jobs and if F2P helps that they will do it. No matter what happens I am glad I bought a lifetime subscription for me it was well worth the money.

We're testing with Gold-level accounts (specified in the blog). So everything Dilithium-related that's a factor for Silvers will also be a factor for Gold accounts. There's nothing free about a $15/mo subscription.