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# 3 Ticket time out error message
10-06-2011, 12:56 AM
In tribble server, the free to play server/shard, Every Single Time I have TRIED to submit a ticket - bug report, what-have-you I get a message about it being unable to contact server due to time out, blah blah blah message. I'd submit an in game ticket about it, but that failed too (Yes I seriously tried to submit yet another ticket about the issue and big suprise it also failed).

Any suggestions? And has anyone else run into the same issue?

No I am not ranting, well maybe a little, but if the dev's are to know about what we find that needs to be addressed or better yet even fixed. There has to be some type of communication, beyond complaining, ranting, ect. actual constructive critisim.

IE I completed several Aid the Planet mission of verying levels of difficulty without ever recieving a reward.

I took the time and effort to do this repeatedly at all difficlty levels to see and prove that it was not an isolated issue or one time bug. Multiple times at each level (along with all the other missions while searching for Aid the Planet missions. In a personal effort to better a game that I personally care about. I would like to be able to submit a ticket, but no ticket I try to submit seems to actually take. (Double checked to make sure a ticket wasnt being generated afterwards. I DID MY PART, but have no way to tell anyone, outside of the forum.

So real actuall helpful feedback would be appreaciated.

Thank you for your time.