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Hi all,

For the last two days I've been getting this horrible flickering of small black squares all over the screen when playing STO. Behold these rubbish phone camera screenies:

I'd not installed anything prior to this happening, and I was running the nVidia 275.33 drivers, which I've since upgraded to 280.22, with no other problems. Upgrading to the latest drivers hasn't helped, and I've had STO crash on me twice since it started, just by trying to get into the game.

I've also noticed that when I open JPG files, I get coloured pixels over the images on certain pictures (but not all the time), and when viewing some Youtube videos, the video stream will sometimes just go bright green and not play (although the sound still works).

It makes me think that there might be something wrong with the GFX card itself (a GTX 460) but I thought I'd ask here in case someone had some suggestions.

Cheers for any help!