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10-06-2011, 06:47 AM
Originally Posted by zombie619 View Post
i do know a modeling comapny made one

but of course this ship was only halph the size of an akira wich is just my most favorite ship ever

its my understanding that technology wise the making of the defiant class is what made the creation of these ships posible i dont remeber wher i read that but its been stuck in my head ....ships designed for borg defence

and that brings up another reason why akira should be tier 5... all the borg missions are tier 5 and you dont even roll a ship desinged for borg killing lol just a thought i had
That Steamrunner looks gorgeous. The Akira is probably my favourite but the Steamrunner is a close second, add in a Norway as well and I'll be happy with all four of my favourite Federation ships being in game (Akira, Galaxy, Norway and Steamrunner).