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Having seen and picked up several assignments that require the use of commodities, it has become a minor annoyance that I cannot see how many Commodities I require to undertake an assignment.

So I though it would be nice if like the R&D screen we could view but not use our banks remotely to help use see how many commodities we need to replicate if we choose to replicate instead of hauling back to the cheapest vendor to buy commodities then haul back to the assignment location.

This would also be handy for keeping track of how much Data Samples we have when farming.

An alternative would maybe be to add a number that displays how many we have and how many we need, for example Medical Relief missions require 30 Medical Supplies but if we do not have 30 the number simply shows as a red 30, instead how a bout if we had 12 Medical Supplies in our possession that figure would display as 12/30.

Just a thought I had, I know there are more important things to iron out like the bugs:p but it would beat the old pen & paper records