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10-06-2011, 08:58 AM

What's the point in engies?

1) Survival
2) Healing

Next question??

You know, I think what I notice a lot when people say something is "crap", what they really mean is it's "crap for the way I personally play the game"

Engies are fine. Beams are fine. Get over it.


FAW also boosts damage. Beams also gain improvement from attack patters just like cannons, so, with 2 direct damage buffs for beams and 2 direct damage buffs for cannons, what are you talking about? Beams in fact get a THIRD skill associated with them(personally I don't understand why cannons can't target subs myself). I fail to see how you can claim them worthless, especially more worthless than before anybody even bothered using FAW. BO3 is one of the biggest single strike hits you can get.

Who in their right mind would chose beams over cannons? Ask those of us who also run target subs builds for one (when FAW was the big thing for two). It's hella fun. You don't need cannon level firepower when you can take down a facing shield or the whole system like *clicks fingers* that. Or reduce their defence to -15% when they stop dead in their tracks, and you don't need to worry about out-shooting or tanking them when you reduce their weapons to such a level they'd be better of throwing rocks out the shuttle-bay. All the while you wail on them consistently with your massive firing arcs, while they struggle to even keep you in their sights. Add in some chroniton mines if you really fancy it, and you've got one hell of a potent escort neutraliser.