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10-06-2011, 10:47 AM
you're citing two pictures of the unlit studio model and a drawing of the changes made in Generations, not even an original design drawing from STIII, I wouldn't exactly call that proof. If you actually look at screencaps from ST III, ST VI and the various appearances of the orignal model on TNG and DS9, you can see that they don't glow, I'd post some examples but IIRC trekcore doesn't allow hotlinks, you'll have to look them up yourself. I think the top panels on the Nacelles are actually painted blue, what's probably throwing you off is that when the model was repainted for Generations, they were painted the same light blue/teal as the accent markings on the rest of the ship, which might look lit up in some lighting, if you look carefully you can see that this is the case in your last pic, the nacelle top panels are clearly the same color as those patches on the hull.