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10-06-2011, 10:53 AM
This again.

No Engi Team will not save someone under focus fire. It never will alone. Install an Aux to sif on your boat if you want to save someone... and hit them with engi team AND aux to sif... this will give them even more heal and a dmg resist for 15 seconds that likely will save their bacon.

If you really want to save them don't worry about their hull at all... hit them with an Extend shields.

Healing is as broken as it has ever been, your using the wrong heal is the issue.

Engi team is a great hull top up obviously, it is the highest hit point heal you can cast on someone..... the trade for such an awsome amount of heal is NO resist at all with it. Install even an Aux to sif 1 on your build and combo the two on a focus fired buddy... and he will be in much better shape. Between that and an extend shields... or an engi fleet (Yes this skill is not garbage... just use it when your friends shields are bingo) you really should have no problem tanking multiple escorts.

As too beams... I seem to remember a while back people telling you that in order to kill anyone you need burst damage. Engi team 3 so your obviously still in a cruiser... which is fine... The ONLY burst options you have are Beam Overload and Torpedo HY and Spread.... install one of them if you EVER want to kill anything.... no that doesn't mean beams are weak... install cannons on your cruiser and you will still NOT kill anything, alone with no burst. Most of us don't care for the insane healing that makes Ultra burst necessary however its sort of working as intended at the moment like it or not.