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10-06-2011, 10:56 AM
Originally Posted by admneal View Post
If you bothered to read the post, the main point was - what good is it that my best heal buys a person a few extra secs of life before they are blown up anyway?

Playing the game from day one.... I have seen every version of the game. I feel that the game has got to a point where the extremes are too crazy. 30k crits, 3 cruisers firing on escorts and do next to nothing in damage, sci spam. The constant "upgrades" of powers and gear sets just break a flawed system even more.

As far, as your rant on beams, I yet to see a half decent escort not have the ability to keep targets in their arcs. From what I see most just follow a target and just keep blasting until they get the kill. Damage output have zero restrictions on how high you can push them, and escorts having far too good of defenses is one of the main sources of imbalance. Sub Nub in another overused and exploited power, that while counter-able, effects game play in a way no other class gets.

At this point, with nothing new to do in the game, pvp was something I could turn to have some fun. Not really anymore....12/20 cant get here fast enough!

A great healer has to prioritize heals and have run with some very good healers and with there heals and my heals I can ride out most alphas and a good bit of focus. A healer is meant heal and also force the other team to make a decision keep blasting a concrete wall r pick another target that is not the focus of the healer. A true healer for the most part can't kill so the healer has to keep the killer on the team a live so he can do what he does best and that is kill and stay in a fight.

Roach, after playing World of Tanks that is how it is set up. You have different classes Tank killers, general tanks, artillery you start off in small weak tanks and work your way up. a Tier 1 tank stands no chance against a tier 10 tank of course the general tank is broken into 3 categories like light, heavy, and medium tanks. While there is a little rock, paper scissors the game relies on tactics and innate abilities of the tanks. Arty hits from a distance, tank destroyers kill tanks but do not have manuvuerabilty and do not have 360 turrets where as light tanks move fast and hit softly and die quickly, mediums are a little slower but hit harder and are harder to kill and heavies move slow, hit really hard, and are hard to kill. To kill arty get in close, to kill a tank destroyer stay out of its frontal arc, to kill a general tank kill its tracks and make it stationary.