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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Dilithium Update:
    • Dilithium ore is now implemented! You gain dilithium ore by completing daily tasks such as star cluster exploration, PVP, certain Duty Officer assignments, special events, or daily story missions.
      • Dilithium ore cannot be spent in it’s raw state and must be refined in order to create usable, spendable, refined dilithium.
      • Check your inventory and go to your resources tab in order to convert dilithium ore into refined dilithium, which is used to purchase gear and ships.
        • You may process up to 8,000 ore into refined dilithium each day.
      • You now gain a small stipend of refined dilithium at each new rank, along with a placard for a new ship at a deep discount in price.
      • At the ranks of Commander and above you will need to earn some additional dilithium to be able to afford the next ship, so be sure to play some daily missions for those rewards.
  • Klingon Progression
    • Klingon Progression is now unlocked when a federation player reaches level 3.
      • This will be level 25 with this actually goes live to Holodeck.
    • Klingon players will start at level 17 and progress through updated episode threading.
  • Special Task Force
    • The Cure is now available as a ground and space STF.
  • Automatic Sector Travel
    • The first few federation missions now have a “warp to” button in the mission journal.
    • This button allows players to warp directly to the starting location for that mission.
    • Players must be on that mission to use the button
    • Players that choose to use the warp button will be charged Energy Credits based on the mission starting location.
    • This feature will be added slowly to every episode in the game.
  • C-Store
  • A test version of the C-Store is now active.
    • All players that exist on the shard at the time this build goes live will receive 1,200 test C-points by the end of the day.
    • All microtransaction pricing has been changed. Some items that are on the Holodeck C-Store are not available yet in this Tribble version of the C-Store.
  • New Events:
    • Starfleet Academy Cadet Training
      • Hail Professor Meyer or speak to him in person at Starfleet Academy while this event is in progress to participate.
        • Help Academy Cadets gather Particle Fragments and participate in holographic combat exercises.
        • Save up Particle Fragments and return them to your cadet or Prof. Meyer for Dilithium Rewards.
        • Particle Fragments will not last for long after the event has ended, turn them in before they disappear.
    • Tour the Universe
      • Come test your ship and crew with a race across Sector Space for energy credits.
        • Players will be tasked with traveling to every sector block and returning to your mission giver before the end of the event.
          • Starfleet Players: Talk to Jay Yim in Earth Space Dock. Captain Yim can be found on the balcony in Club 47.
          • KDF Players: Speak with Targak in Qonos. Targak can be found at the Blood Wine fountain in Qonos.
    • Multiphasic Event
      • All anom
      alies throughout the universe will give a bonus on how many are dropped during this event.
  • There is now a 24 hour XP limiter on the foundry. When you hit the limit you will get a message and no longer earn XP for the rest of that 24 hour period.
  • The number of Bridge Officer slots for rank 4 and 5 have been increased for silver players so they have enough to fill their ship stations
  • The PVP Daily reward has been updated to dilithium ore instead of marks of honor.
  • The level-appropriate badge container reward for UGC and DSEs is now a Dilithium Ore Container.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the close/next button in the tip window to display an incorrect keybind.
  • Updated ground enhancement for [Borg] raid gear; they now do bonus kinetic damage against the Borg.
  • The queue private game mini status window now functions for PvP matches
  • The model for Starbase 39 now represents it’s system in the sector block.
  • Free Respec Tokens are now only available at level up for gold players
  • Former emblem and badge store text has been updated to reflect the currency change to refined dilithium.

  • Stop the Signal:
    • Resolved an issue with a clickable in the Klingon base
    • The Undine ship at the end is now far more beatable.
  • Tutorial Updates
    • Population on the group areas of the tutorial have had their populations reduced.
    • Set up first tutorial map to only allow one player at a time
  • Since exploration missions reward dilithium they have been updated to be daily missions.
  • Promotion missions given from Admiral Quinn are now available as a remote contact
  • The mission “War Games” can now be completed.
  • Naomi Wildman now appears in the mission journal.
  • Several fixes and updates have been made to the “Infected” STF based on player feedback.

Duty Officer:
  • Increased non-Commendation XP/non-Dilithium numeric rewards for assignments, but decreased ramp-up for rarity and critical successes.
    • In net, this should mean better numerical rewards for common successes, but less for other categories.
  • Fixed assignments that were not giving correct amounts of Commendation xp.
  • Adding duty officer contacts NPCs to Starfleet Academy.
  • Reducing level at which duty officer system can be accessed to level 8
  • Reduced the time to complete for most assignments.
  • Added more variety to colonists to reduce incidence of twins and triplets.
  • Fixed colonial Medical Supply and Provision resupply assignments.
  • Reduced time injured duty officers are in Sick Bay.
  • Fixed reassignment assignment issue.
  • Fixed mis-gendered female human scientists.
  • Fixed typo on Doctor specialization active roster tooltip text.
  • Hiding assignments you aren't high enough level to do yet.
  • Straightened out requirements for "Scan for Trace Organic Signatures" assignment.
  • Fixed inability to start "Level 4 Diagnostic of Secondary Weapon Coils" assignment.
  • Reversed ordering of levels on Diagnostic assignment (flavor change).
  • Added new common assignments to use Colonists.
  • Changed commendation tiers to operate on store tokens redeemed at duty officer contact at the Academy/Q'onoS.
  • Duty Officer packs are now available on the Tribble C-Store.

Known Issues:
  • Klingon players will appear as Lieutenant 17 until they reach level 19, at which point they will become a Lieutenant Commander.
  • We’ve updated how the player earns their ship at level up, but unfortunately there is no fixup for those already affected.
  • We’ve adjusted the starting level of the Duty Officer system to level 8, however it’s not working properly. Do not turn in the mission until you reach level 12 or you will not get your free compliment of duty officers. You can still purchase duty officer packs on the c-store and play the game.
  • Players will not be able to train Bridge Officers in new powers at this time.