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10-06-2011, 12:12 PM
Yeah.... have to say, if you're limiting us to 8,000 per day, the prices are going to need to drop significantly. It already takes a while on Holodeck to get new stuff. (1-2 days per weapon for MKX, 4-5 days for MK XI). On Tribble, the X / XI weapons cost almost as much as a T4 ship, and over half the cost of a T5 ship. I hope that's not intentional :/

Plus, with the new STF's coming out, there's almost no reason to buy the MK X or XI gear for Dilithium, because I can get the Borg gear in a few runs, compared to the days it currently takes to get dilithium.

So yeah, I'm hoping the prices will have changed by the time this comes out.

Also, are existing high-level characters going to be given the placards retroactively? Some of us have been playing with T4 ships at VA because we couldn't afford T5.