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10-06-2011, 01:15 PM
Originally Posted by taallyn View Post
From what I can tell some of this is due to the fact that all of the story line missions plus the Featured Episodes are now sequential. The Featured Episode were always an additional set of missions outside of the general leveling missions. With them adding into the storyline gating system currently in testing, it is throwing the leveling curve off.

My suggestion is to remove the Featured Episodes from the storyline path. Then players can do them or not. They were never made to fit in to the storyline original, and their inclusion actually causes story line inconsistencies. For example, the "first time" that you meet Franklin Drake is actually in the Romulan Story arc, but he is the mission giver for the Devidian series that is in the Klingon story arc. So, we have the situation where we are interacting with Drake before the storyline originally introduces us to him.
Yes, there is this too. The fact is, if we are forced to play all the content we will be max level long before we can complete all of it (Fed side).