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10-06-2011, 12:22 PM
Originally Posted by wolfsquad_ace View Post
i know one way to stop all the arguments all together and compromise at the same time.

why not just add in the option for all three, we already have the options for both the side glow and one without it, so, why not give us one with the top glow only and that way we get what we all want.

by the way I've seen the studio model on display, and those top panels you guys say are just painted, guess what they both were and weren't. they were in fact actually something they could change out as the actual model had two completely different sets of nacelles, and one set, the top panels are in fact transparent and would light up it you just plugged them in. on the other set however they were simply painted, and they might have even had a third set, which may have just had the side glow for all we know, so technically we are all right.
Agreed plus since we are talking about ships nacelles, also on the sovereign class the nacelles are to low they are supposed to higher. The bottom part of the is meant to be level with the flat part of the saucer section and in nemesis it is risen which they should add in the game. Even the excelesior nacelles seem to low. Normalyl in star trek you can see the nacelles always from the front view but in sto they are hiding behind the saucer section. ITS SOO ANNOYING!