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10-06-2011, 01:00 PM
Although it doesnt really affect those of us whove been here a long time now one thing the tutorial doesnt do is give you some indication on how to spend your skill points and where would be in your best interest or using the dorp down to see what skills relate to which power etc.. for new players explaining this would save them a lot of confusion and googling.

Also the Doff system really needs an ingame explanation, tutorial, hints, and help area that you can access to get those quick answers on things like commendations, how to get more DoFFs, the risks associated with assignments, how often the assignments reset, what the heck the request more officers tab is and when it can be used etc.. even down to simple things like explaining yhe duty officer button under the mini map will flash green when you have completed assignments.

Yes this info to some degree is on the forums but not everyone who play visits the forums so havign some sort of in game database, help section that can drop some visual and tagged pop ups to lay this stuff out in simplistic terms will really hel new players get drawn in without putting the onus on them to find it all out for themselves.

Also just a thought but the assignments that can lead to a DoFF demise should have a warning in red on thier description just to make it abundantly clear to anyone reading assingments that by picking the relevant ones they are potentially facing that risk if they assign one of thier white doffs.

Also not really polishing but maybe giving the F2P'ers something like a starter pakcing some consumables beyond what the cap and Bo's start with, a temporary xp boost, a few complementary C points to get them going (nothing substantial), maybe some tribble of some sort (the preorder one maybe) to get them going, would be a nice incentive and wouldn't really impact the game in any balance fashion for the rest of us who are already playing.