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10-06-2011, 02:01 PM
Originally Posted by Feor View Post
Just because we demand something and people beg for it, doesn't mean Cryptic is even capable of doing it. Recall, they're not in control of the IP, CBS is. People said "We want a T5 Constitution!" and CBS said no, so even if Cryptic wanted to make a T5 connie, they're not allowed to.

Could be the same thing with the Akira, Nova, and anything else. If CBS says no, Cryptic can't counter them.
That's true, but if that's the case, I'd like to know why CBS would say "no" to having a T5 Endgame (which belongs in this era) or a T5 Akira (which is from the same era as the Defiant, Galaxy, Sovereign, etc. All of which are T5).

Especially when you consider the D'kyr (as much as 400 years old at this point), and the Excelsior (~200 years old), both at T5.

IF CBS said no, then I wanna know what their logic was.