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Originally Posted by Khemaraa_Iron_Hand_KBF View Post
Umm, an awefull lot of assumption being waved about here about Dilithium and ship purchases...

Untll I see otherwise I will assume the the "placard" discounts the ship price down to the amount of Dilithium you recieve. Ceratinly that what I would do if "I" were doing the coding for it. Or put it sufficently close that a couple exploration daylies would make up the difference. Especially seeing that this issue only kicks in at Commander level where the player should have three exploration zones availible and 3 exploration daylies availible.
■You now gain a small stipend of refined dilithium at each new rank, along with a placard for a new ship at a deep discount in price.
■At the ranks of Commander and above you will need to earn some additional dilithium to be able to afford the next ship, so be sure to play some daily missions for those rewards.