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Originally Posted by SeijiTataki View Post
Since the server doesn't seem to be up yet, I can't really make a justified examination of how practical this limit is.

But if the sources of Dilithium Ore are limited to dailies, why even bother having a hard cap on how much we can process? We're already technically limited to how much we can get, as a result of how many missions we can do - they're dailies.

The other concern is that you don't actually say how much 1 unit of Ore refines into for Refined Dilithium. 1? 5? 10? 100?

Should also point out that the F2P Dev Blog that you're linking to doesn't talk, at all, about the economic changes. It only talks about Klingons.

You should probably either remove the link, or actually post the Dev Blog dealing with the economic changes.
Everybody is hoping that we'll find out that one ore will make multiple refined when that's not the way smelting works at all. You get less refined metal than you started out with ore...not less. And you'll only be able to refine 8k worth, so you'll be lucky if you get 8k back, probably more like 4-5k.

For subscribers to get what they already have on Holodeck, they'll have to acquire maybe a million or more dilithium just to buy ships and equip them.

Hey devs...what is the exchange rate for badges, marks, emblems, and merits? We better be getting a ton of dilithium from them or you've really socked it to the subscribers. And made a huge grindfests for the new players whether they subscribe or not.