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Originally Posted by whamhammer View Post
But these skills you discuss aren't all that different from any other cruiser with the same equipment. I dont know why you say "The ship doesn't win the fight, the Captain does" and then follow up with "A good Galaxy-X pilot can tear apart any other pilot of any other ship of equal skill. Just takes tact, thinking outside the box, etc." that goes against your prior statement. Would you agree that any good pilot can tear apart any other pilot of the smae skill??

My Excelsior can be equipped with pretty much the same (and seems to be, but I also use BO3) as Your Gal-X (minus the lance) . Unless youre using that lance the damage is the same. As far as shooting up the rear of a ship, thats just free armor for those of us who fighti with thier front.
You're correct, though you misinterpreted my words.

All I meant to point out is that a Galaxy-X is not gimped. It is a fine ship, and in the hands of a fine captain, it has just as much a chance against any other ship as... well, any other ship.

Excelsior's a fine ship (some argue even OP). I love using it. I just like my Galaxy-X more, but that's a preference thing.

Both ships are capable of near the same sustained DPS. Lance and cloak give Galaxy-X an extra oomph, though Excelsior makes up for it with LTC Tac slot and a faster turn rate.

Forgive me if my explanation was... lacking.