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10-06-2011, 02:18 PM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
Roach, after playing World of Tanks that is how it is set up. You have different classes Tank killers, general tanks, artillery you start off in small weak tanks and work your way up. a Tier 1 tank stands no chance against a tier 10 tank of course the general tank is broken into 3 categories like light, heavy, and medium tanks. While there is a little rock, paper scissors the game relies on tactics and innate abilities of the tanks. Arty hits from a distance, tank destroyers kill tanks but do not have manuvuerabilty and do not have 360 turrets where as light tanks move fast and hit softly and die quickly, mediums are a little slower but hit harder and are harder to kill and heavies move slow, hit really hard, and are hard to kill. To kill arty get in close, to kill a tank destroyer stay out of its frontal arc, to kill a general tank kill its tracks and make it stationary.
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I agree with you there Cap, the checks and balances in this other game are very clear and the match making is..ok as a straight up pvp expereinces..its pretty

Would it be interesting to see similar weighting issues in STO? Yes. Have the ability to go up against a mess of 'ighter' ships while having a few 'heavies' on your side? and having those ships actually be able to contribute to a fight? yes and yes