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10-06-2011, 03:49 PM
Originally Posted by DodgeHopper View Post
I do not want to eat in a video game. That would drive me nuts. Forcing everyone to go sit around a table and munch away, is a surefire way to make a lot of us just leave the game. Its a game, not Sims. For those of us who hate Sims this would drive us nuts. I suspect all your typical PvP, Fleet Action and STF type players would simply pack their bags and leave. Everyone else would leave too, because all they have is the main story arc to roll through, and then they'd have 'beat the game'.

I'm okay with fuel being involved in a game, there's some logic to it although we have to realize that Star Trek itself is meant to represent a scarcity-free society thanks to hyper advanced technology. I think things like food (even for the whole crew) shouldn't be a day-to-day concern. We could easily get caught up in the minutia and never actually get to enjoy the game. That's my only concern with the system being stated there.
Wait wait wait, what's this about food??