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10-06-2011, 06:14 PM
Originally Posted by V-Mink
I'll be honest: None of this is surprising me. Not the C-Store price increases (though apparently the +1 ship prices got cut in half? Really?) and not the incentivizing of real money transactions.

Never forget, by he way, that in going F2P that the producer MUST find some way to make money, else this is a useless venture. STO *must* make a profit somehow. Now, how it makes that profit is clearly a point of contention, but 'free to play' does have to mean 'free to play but we have to get paid somehow.' They've cut themselves off by saying all content will be free (what there is of the content, anyway) so they have to look to some other source of revenue. When providing suggestions, please keep this in mind. (Side note: I have some ideas; none of them are what we're seeing on Tribble; big surprise! But I'm probably not the one to ask since I have loathed the C-Store for some time now.)

However, I don't think the solution is for STO to die horribly. It is entirely possible that if CBS pulls the license (if they even can; I'm sure there are clauses regarding when they can do that) then we will not see a Trek MMO for at least another ten years. And there is no garauntee that a "Star Trek Online Again" will not stink like rotten apples.

Keep in mind too that it takes a LOT to kill an MMO. NCSoft killed Auto Assault and Tabula Rasa (*******S!) over politics, but Ultima Online has been going on for 14 years, FFXI is still going pretty strong, and even EverQuest is still progress-questing. You'd kind of need an isolytic charge to the server farm to kill STO at this point, I think.

One can also not count on PWI pulling a Paragon, and putting STO into the hands of an in-house development group. This did a lot of good for CoH but I don't think it would do anything in this case: Consider that most of these in-game economic changes appear to be driven strongly by PWI dictates. Changing developers will not change the economic model of STO, only the names of the people we yell at.

So Cryptic dying a horrible death might satisfy schadenfreude but in the long run I don't think that it will automagically result in some nebulous "someone better" getting the license to do a Trek MMO. At this time I would encourage people to make their voices heard by Cryptic, exhaust all patience and avenues of appeal, remind Cryptic and PWI that 'free to play' does not have to mean 'gouge the players for everything in their wallets' (CoH's free-to-play seems to be going amazingly well for them, and I was very happy with DDO,) and then and only then give up.

And if you have already reached that point, I can't say that I blame you. =P
You are probably right that there will not another Star Trek MMO for a long Time if this one dies. And of course a Company has to make Money. But to not value the Costumers, taking things away from them like the free Ship for each Rank or the freedom to do as many Cluster Missions as you like, even if they told they would not take away anything and on top of that raising the Prices for C-Store Items and making the Game a Grind Fest so you have to buy C-Points for Ships if you don't want to die of old age before you get your Ship with full Equip even if you are a Gold Member, is just not the right way. If they did not had an MMO, but instead a Store and they would treat the Costumers this way they could close the Doors forever after six Month at latest.

I really had the hope that this would be the great Star Trek MMO i was waiting for. Because of that hope i bought the Lifetime Sub even before the Game was released. But all they deliverd til now are empty promises and now a F2P System that, if it goes live anything near to whats on Tribble now, looks like the Company is called "Money Graptic".