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10-06-2011, 05:30 PM
Originally Posted by A88mph View Post
I don't mind the price hike (It's most likely for the F2P'ers who are coming in) Plus Criptic is giving me $5 in credits a month for free for being a Lifer.

I can save my C-Points for a rainy day. and Cryptic can use the extra cash to meet the upcoming demand from F2P.

On the otherhand, Premium ships going per character sounds bad. (if its true that is). will those who bought them when they were account wide, stay account wide?
I don't know why you think your stipend is going to be able to buy anything. The way things are going, it's just more half-baked lip service designed to try to quell the fact that it will cost more to do *anything* in this game than it's worth.