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10-06-2011, 07:11 PM
What you are asking for is a performance report/summary for each of the Doffs sent on a mission. Something that will give feedback on the Doff's traits that either benefited or hindered the mission.

For Example

(Doff Name)'s telepathic ability led to success in negotiations (This is a positive trait example)

(Doff Name)'s stubberness nearly caused a breakdown in negotiations (This is a negative trait example)

(Doff Name)'s intelligence identified an assassin; he/she protected the Ambassador and suffered a moderate wound. (Doff Name) will be on bed rest for 72 hours. (This is a event outcome example)

The game could have generic statements fitting the Doff missions that have positive/negative trait terms and an outcome statement with canned responses depending on whether the Doff was injured or not.