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10-06-2011, 08:40 PM
I tell you what this whole F2P comes down to. The reason they are putting these systems in place the way they are.

To kill lifetime members off. Let me explain.

The majority of players after F2P goes live will not be subs. Looking at Champions, as well as the majority of F2P games that allows subs, there are tiny populations that subscribe to the game.

If they give anything to gold members, lifetime players have no reason to spend money in the future. This is not what they want. They know the largest number of people who play this game will be in the group who buy a few items and move on.

They don't care if gold members feel it's worth it, simply because they know they will make more money off of silver players.

By reducing and cutting down what gold members get, they are basically trying to snuff out the lifetime players. They don't care if we walk away, they don't expect to get much money out of us anyway.

Sad part is, if not for the current playerbase, not just the lifers but the subscribers too, they wouldn't be able to go F2P now. They'd have shut this game down already. To me this is like a huge slap in the face, watching them giggle and say, "we don't care...we already got your money".

Worst part is, current subscribers and lifers have paid more money to this game than most silver players ever will, you'd think they would at least appreciate us a little bit.

The way it looks, I will most likely be leaving when F2P goes live. I can't see there being any reason to keep me around. Obviously our loyalty means squat, everytime I see and read what they are doing next I feel like they are kicking us in the balls.