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10-07-2011, 12:05 AM
Originally Posted by Artimus1000 View Post
In tribble server, the free to play server/shard, Every Single Time I have TRIED to submit a ticket - bug report, what-have-you I get a message about it being unable to contact server due to time out, blah blah blah message. I'd submit an in game ticket about it, but that failed too (Yes I seriously tried to submit yet another ticket about the issue and big suprise it also failed).
This is an old concern that's been plaguing Champions Online for some time. I think it went live around (or a few weeks before) the Season 4 build. Given that everything seems shared, I imagine it took hold in Star Trek Online at about the same time.

I really cannot stress how often this particular bug has been reported. I would, personally, love to be able to send bug reports in-game.. in both games.