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10-07-2011, 01:31 AM
Originally Posted by Dane_Strife
I think it would go a long way if Cryptic could tell us what direction they are taking with this game, looking at F2P Beta and as my siggy says, I regret buying LTS but I'm happy I never have to pay again. Cryptic are gonna ruin this game and I'm not trying to flame or troll, it is how I sincerely feel about my beloved Star Trek Online. Having a single economy used for so much when we can earn so little will make people feel like the only way to compete and play the game is to buy c-points to get other peoples dilithium. Cryptic please tell us that F2P Beta has a very exaggerated economy and at live it will be refined into something more usable.
Well, they *are* watching the forums, so they might do something soon (tm).