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10-07-2011, 04:08 AM
Originally Posted by admneal View Post
If you bothered to read the post, the main point was - what good is it that my best heal buys a person a few extra secs of life before they are blown up anyway?
Because instant heals don't keep people alive, resists do. If you are expecting engineering team to "keep someone alive", politely, you are doing it wrong. Not that eng team has anything to do with being an eng captain anyway. Are you criticizing engineers, or engineering team?

As far, as your rant on beams, I yet to see a half decent escort not have the ability to keep targets in their arcs. From what I see most just follow a target and just keep blasting until they get the kill. Damage output have zero restrictions on how high you can push them, and escorts having far too good of defenses is one of the main sources of imbalance. Sub Nub in another overused and exploited power, that while counter-able, effects game play in a way no other class gets.

At this point, with nothing new to do in the game, pvp was something I could turn to have some fun. Not really anymore....12/20 cant get here fast enough!
I wasn't aware it was a rant, you seem to be the only one getting worked up. Projecting much?

Escort vs escort is is VERY common for there to be a period when the target is not in your direct arc, and half decent escort pilot can abuse firing arcs and get out of the firing line. You cannot "just follow" another escort. It is in this role, as escort neutraliser, that beams can be very effective on an escort by getting above or below them and broadsiding.
That aside, beams are fine on other ships, better suited in fact. I honestly don't know where you are coming from, because you suggest the majority of decent non-escort setups in this game are in fact useless, which is bunk.