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10-07-2011, 03:21 AM
Given that they aren't giving tokens for Vice Admirals to get the refit ships, and they aren't available for dilithium at all (it never goes past 'loading' Vice admirals are forced to either grind out 80k in dilithium or pony up for a C-store ship... I thought VAs were supposed to get a new ship... but with the new economy we get NOTHING. That can't be allowed to go to Holodeck. Guess it is time for people to panic level any alts they want to play since the economy become a grindfest... that is if the prospect of the grindfiest isn't enough to drive you away from the game. Log # 7 has me very worried since if someone reads between the lines it could be interperated as 'STO will go P2W so fork over the money' Compared to how other Western MMORPGs have gone F2P, this isn't a good idea as none of the other games have done it like this.

And here is why, this experimental economy will have to be changed unless STO's Devs are going to tell casual players to stop playing the game or quit your job so you have time to work at STO... notice I said WORK not play.

The idea of limiting refined dilithium is good to avoid the EC hyper-inflation, but without an auto-refine feature for at least gold accounts or soemthing else, this game becomes a part time job for people which is NOT casual friendly. Having to grind for what what once free is not casual friendly. This game sounds like it is being turned into a hardcore only game... If I wanted a game that was a job I'd be playing EVE or one of the Asian P2W games... which I've avoided like the plague for a reason. I pla ygames to have fun not work.

I don't know if Cryptic is being pressured by PW or not, but this type of economy won't be embraced by casual gamers in the western hemisphere.

So if the Devs are trying to go for the style of P2W that PW does in the asian market be honest and tell us... the playerbase that doesn't want that can just leave and you'll never hear from us again... If I wanted to play an Asian P2W game I would have taken interest in such games instead of avoiding them like the plague.

Hopefully what we are seeing now is just a test idea that won't make it to Holodeck since i could understand it to be you get a set amount of dilithium, gold accounts get a discount token that covers the gap between what is earned and what is needed for next tier of ship, thus making the ship effectively free and maintaining the promise of not taking away what we already have.

The 7th blog sounds like this game is going to be a P2W for silver accounts that could be accepted, but not for subscribed gold accounts. I don't want to PAY you for the right to have a job... I play games to relax and have fun. Work is not fun. Don't turn STO into a work/job...not unless you want a lot of furious people waling away form the game, some of which will complain to CBS that the Star Trek Franchise is being abused.

it gets worse, to unlock the breen dailies to get dilithium you have to go through all the preceeding series. I ended up hitting VA and I haven't even started the borg series yet. So to get the dailies to get the dilithium you have to progress through content that already assumes you have spent the dilithium. It is a catch-22 for the casual player. That needs to be resolved before this economy goes to Holodeck and drives off the majority of the playerbase while insuring that new players don't become veterans as they get driven off with such a harsh economy. There is still time to fix this problem before it reaches Holodeck. The question is, will the Devs fix it or is it working as intended. Blog #7 indicates a working as intended. That concerns me, and from the feedback I've read it appears to be a concern of a LOT of other people.