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10-07-2011, 04:31 AM
I'm a Vice Admiral and I have been forced to still use my Captain ship and my gear are even worse they are a mix of Lt. Cmdr. and Commander, there is one captain item.

I have been without Tactical consoles since start, the missions that is now linked together levels up with you, but the rewards don't, except for a select few.

The Economy has become a real nightmare and the game has become hard and difficult to do, npcs seems to be overpowered.

It also feels like the Feds are leveling way to fast, I became a captain before I could do the Romulan missions and are still ad the early once as Vice Admiral and as I mentioned before those mission don't give rewards fitting to your level but the mission is set to your level which makes the missions time consuming and not worth doing but you are forced to do them to get to the Vice Admiral missions, it's a real game play killer.