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10-07-2011, 06:25 AM
Originally Posted by Nilladog View Post
I think the Jupiter class is hideous. It looks like a trigger fish, not a starfleet cruiser but if paying players want it, give it to them. The ship is already rendered. How much work could it take to get it to players?

I don't understand the hold up. For a minimal amount of work, they'll keep people subscribing and spending money in the C Store for the ship they've been wanting.
Except it's not that simple.

They can't just re-skin the Galaxy-X, the Jupiter (and Typhoon that is in the same class) have never had cloaks or spinal lasers. And if they make it just a new skin for the Assault cruiser/Star cruiser, people will not be happy that they're not dreadnoughts.

So they have to come up with stats for them. How tough should they be? How many fore/aft weapons? What BOff & console slots? How much crew? How much Hull? Turn rates? These things all have to be tested. If they just pull stats for it out of thin air and throw it in the C-Store chances are it'll either be terribly underpowered, which will anger people who like the ship, or terribly overpowered, which will anger people who don't like the ship.