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10-07-2011, 06:06 AM
Lets try to stay on topic on this one guys, because I think out of all the issues coming with this economy, the heart of the matter is going to fall on the daily cap.
Even if you are an active player, you could be sitting on a mountain of dilithium but be forced to log in daily to refine it, and if you miss a day, it's going to slow you down and lag you behind that much further.

Nothing in a game is more frustrating than getting all the pieces together for your next progression item, then having the server go down right before you can turn it in, this system might as well do that to you every day.
If you have enough dilithium to buy some gear but have to wait a week to finish refining it to purchase the gear, it's going to kill the fun of progression completely.

Games before anything need to be fun, artificial blockades are not fun, and if a game isn't fun, no one is going to bother playing it.