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10-07-2011, 06:49 AM
Just to gain a little perspective; sure, the cost for some of the c-store items have gone up, but I think it's worth bearing in mind that the game is going FREE to play.

As far as I can see, this means two things:
(a) If you want the premium content you'll simply be paying for C-Store points... only C-Store points. Since F2P ostensibly removes the monthly subscription required to play, it's likely that if you choose the F2P model then you'll only be paying every now and then for a few points, rather than a mandatory subscription every month on top of any C-Points that you wish buy (which is the way things run currently). So will you actually lose any more money than you currently are?; and

(b) If you choose to pay a monthly subscription anyway for a Gold Account model, then you'll receive 400 points to spend in the STO store every month, which will sufficiently mitigate the effects of the price increase for the average buyer.

I'm sure that I've missed something, or that there's a flaw in my logic, because looking at it I lust can't find reason enough to be as ****ed off about this as everyone seems to be. Of course if you take into account people who spend 1000's of C-Points everyday, then maybe they have a right to be a little ****ed off... but does anyone really spend that much on the C-Store? My experience has been, as has been the experience of the dozen or so people I was chatting with last night about this, is that the C-Store has only ever been used every now and then (about twice a month, personally... ish) on items or ships that I'll utilize immediately (which again, comes around once or twice a month). My current spending pattern is probably even in line with the proposed monthly allowance (400 points), with a few extra spent on the rare occasion that a ship hits the store that I really want. My experience may well not be the same as everyone else though. Thoughts?