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10-07-2011, 07:15 AM
Originally Posted by wcnighthawk View Post
It's not because I have super shields or double shield or any other lame excuse he can think of, it's simply because beams don't have any punch to them. Sorry, just the way the cookie crumble's. Using beams to just straight dps doesn't work.
your statement is still not accurate. For "straight" dps, beams do fine. theyre a consistant form of dps that adds up quickly for "straight" dps. "burst" dps on the other hand is better covered by cannons. Sure a BO3 is powerful every 15-30 seconds, but a bank of DHC's and turrets constantly firing on a target with a CRF every 15-30 seconds will produce better burst results.

FYI, in a 4v1 situation, if the 4 cant kill 1 escort (unless the escort is running which isnt considered tanking) the 4 are doing it wrong.