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10-07-2011, 08:22 AM
Yah.. Bought some Doffs with my "free" test points... I'm really liking the Doffs...

Nay... "shakes his head in disbelief" Overpriced or what ??... 220cp, for a pack of 7... that have no mention of Account-wide unlock or per Toon.... Are you guys for real ??

I have always been an advocate of "hold on & wait & see what happens when this hits Holodeck".
Except this time...

With eigtht active toons on the go, it'll cost me 1,760cp to equip them with a pack each... or almost FOUR and a half months worth of my Stipend..... This has got to be the biggest "oops" in pricing ever... I'm hoping this is just an oversight - misprice - or omission of "account-wide-unlock"... If it isn't then guess who won't be buying any when they arrive on the Holodeck C-store ??