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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
The above weapon's alternate fire does more damage when they're phase shifted (they change color and go transparent with a cloud effect around them), but it's not a massive improvement over any other weapon, other than being pretty nice in and of itself. The best place to gain advantage against them aren't in your weapons.

The mission Skirmish gives a personal shield with a high psionic resistance that does wonders against them.

Hyposprays. Lots of them. Most of the stronger devidians have a nasty attack that combines a hold with a health drain, and a lot of their damage ignores shields. Hyposprays break the hold, which also breaks the drain. Fighting a phantasm, that drain can easily leave your entire team at low health and vulnerable to getting wiped out in another.

The ghostbuster gun is 'meh'. A pulsewave assault or minigun do just as well. As far as gear, I replayed Skirmish three times in part to get the psi-shield. And make sure your BOff's have hypos too. That will help keep them in the fight longer. And I strongly recommend a dedicated BOff medic for the Devidian (and Breen) missions.

The question is: is a psionic attack covered under "all energy" (meaning, does stuff like Energy Dampening armor partially protect against it)? If so, the psi-shield isn't as much of a must-have. It's still really nice, though.