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Originally Posted by Feor View Post
The only one of those that is, in fact, canon is the Ambassador (Which I'm still betting on being a T4 equivalent to the T3 Excelsior at some point)

The Sovereign and NX refits were both proposed ship designs that were never actually seen on screen. They are no more canon than the Ambassador Prototype or the Voyager prototype.

Remember, just because you think something looks cool doesn't make it canon unless you can point out the actual episode or movie where the design showed up.
They are not the propsed desgins they are the finalized design nx refit and the sovereign refit is canon. It is stated that it was going to be in nemesis but it was pulled out due to budget reasons. So it is canon. The nx refit was going to be used for the next season if enterprise was renewed for another season. If it is stated by the desginer or the company but not used in star trek tv series or movies its still canon.