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10-07-2011, 09:14 AM
I'm in agreement about a lot of this, especially rewards in general for the story missions. I was also a T2 Nova going up against D'Deridex with T2 -T4 gear. I found myself constantly repeating "Everything Old Is New" to get phaser arrays that were top level. By the time I got to the story missions, the rewards were so far out of date as to be laughable.

I like the fast pace of leveling now, as I like to make and level lots of alts as opposed to playing one or two all the time, but I ended up skipping the T3 ship altogether. Granted, when I started a KDF character yesterday, I did easily gain enough dilithium for a new ship after only 2 events, as well as decent gear drops in Exploration missions (but not story missions).

If they tweak the prices and remove the 8,000/day refinement quota (or just get rid of refining altogether and keep it a one-step process), then I think the dilithium issue will be okay. If the refinement process is going to stay, I think you're suggestion of scaling it with level is good.