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10-07-2011, 10:01 AM
Originally Posted by wcnighthawk View Post
What your talking about and what I'm talking about are two different things. You are mixing beams with cannons, I'm talking just a straight beam build on any ship.
No that was just an example of one of my builds. I also have an "all beam" escort which I referred to earlier. He runs Target Engines3, Target Weapons3 and Target Shields 2 on 6 single beams. His burst comes from TS2 or HY2 depending on how cheesy I feel from 1 launcher up front. He still manages very well against all classes of ships, including other escorts. As I said before you don't have to hit as hard when your target is a sitting duck with broken shields and peanuts for damage (I will usually pre-buff one target subs so I can fire another off straight after). Again, it is all about play style. If beams aren't working for someone it is because their expectations do not match reality. That does not make them useless. And on non-escort ships they provide invaluable constant DPS.

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FYI, in a 4v1 situation, if the 4 cant kill 1 escort (unless the escort is running which isnt considered tanking) the 4 are doing it wrong.
This is the straight truth. The fact you tanked 4 ships does not mean beams are crap, it means the players are crap. I have nearly burst out laughing at my AE tanking 5 ships, yet I have also encountered single cruisers with beams that made me sweat.