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10-07-2011, 12:19 PM
Originally Posted by rahniranir View Post
Unfortunately I have to agree that the pooch got screwed on the (Only refine 8000 dilithium a day idea.). I can and totally understand if this were a "silver member" item. Since silvers are not financially contributing, (cstore is a contribution yes, but is not a recurring income like a subscription is.) I can see giving reasons to encourage them to spend $'s to purchase ships, items, etc, and encouraging them to "grind" out to get items, makes them want to sub so they dont' have to. But I feel that "gold members" should not have such a cap. Since gold members are paying for full access, we should have said full access. By removing our ability to have full access by this limitation you are removing our full access. This would even give "silver members" an enticement and a reason to subscribe. Yes people can say, but a silver can pay for 1 month and then turn it all into dillithium. That is true, but they still have to spend all the time grinding out the ore, and since there is no refined dilithium packs in the cstore, no other way to get dilithium that way. So they still get the extra $15 for the one month which is more money then $0. So they make a profit, and golds keep their access.

My 2 cents.
This is the only solution I can think of. Limiting paying and non-paying members the same really defeats the purposes for paying. Not getting free ships I can understand, but limiting paying customers from earning their content at a reasonable rate, that makes no sense.