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10-07-2011, 01:24 PM
Originally Posted by Cpt_Equinox
I would say there is more going on than the usual 'doom and gloom' occasional post. Even die hard apologists are angry at cryptic and the changes they are making to the game.
But, not liking the changes is a bit different. There's not much a response is going to do about that. If players don't like the current direction of changes and Cryptic agrees, all that's really needed is modifications to the changes. And even that's really premature since it's still so much a work in progress. For example, we just got the first Tribble build that could include any feedback yesterday.

I suppose Cryptic could release their design docs, but that would imply they're set in stone. And, contrary to what many like to claim, I don't believe that. They have always listened to feedback, which doesn't mean they incorporate all of it, but they have made changes and will likely continue to.