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Bug Description:
I completed the mission Stranded in Space 2 days ago while grouped with my husband. Today I decided to replay it while I was playing solo, but I was unable to find it in the list of replay missions under the Klingon Front. I had 3 missions available there for replay, but not Stranded in Space.
Note: I was trying to replay the mission from the Mission Logs console in my ready room, on my ship's bridge.

Btw, when clicking on Available Missions under the Klingon Front, Stranded in Space is listed at the top of the list and says it's one of the missions available for replay, which leads me to believe the mission should be available for me to replay, but it wasn't.

At the time my ship was in sector space down in the Risa sector.

[Update] My husband pointed out he was able to replay Stranded in Space from the Episodes section of the Journal. I was trying to replay the missing using the Mission Logs console in my ready room on my bridge. I can replay the mission via the Journal, but still can't see it availalbe in my ready room. My husband also doesn't have it available to replay from his ready room.