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10-07-2011, 02:55 PM
In response. I do not read alot of the forums, I am here to play the game. I tend to only peruse the forums when I have an issue, or questions. If what you have posted is correct, why was it not mentioned on the webpage, or in the F2P dev blog, a simple to submit bugs you must use the forum for now would be nice. Or even a notice when you try to submit a ticket or something. I have (if you are indeed correct) wasted hours trying to figure out if I was doing something wrong when submiting a ticket. Wondering if there was some sort of delay in the system before you can track the progress of a ticket, and so on and so forth.

A week later someone finally responds to me (Not a Dev or another Cryptic employee)

A bit of bitterness here, I admit, but does Cryptic really want to here from you and me Joe Gamer. Do they want to know what we find what we think and how we feel about the new changes to the game and those things we find that we feel needs to be fixed.

Does anyone at Cryptic want to know I spent a number of hours yesterday (try all afternoon and part of the evening,attempting to finish The Ultimate Klingon-Lab of Mystery. But some problem (intermittent I know others that have and have not run into this same issue) where I was unable to beam up the mad scientist (Amar Singh) to finish that part. No other problem he just reapeared where he starts at and not in the othe room like he is supposed too. Despite a restart of not only the game but also my system and going to other missions completeing them and then returning do Lab of Mystery again to run through the whole thing something like 7 times before it worked correctly.

Not withstanding the issues there, now I have to really wonder does Cryptic want to here about this.

Or is this some sort of way to sort out what people really feel the need to rant about. Seperate minor issues, form deal brakers?

Or is it a complete failure of communication between those of us that read nearly every single post ( I am assumeing that somewhere there is a post in the forum about the Ticket System not being active in tribble.) Then there are some of us, myself included, who have neither the time nor the inclination to wade through it all to find those very few and far between gems like the ticket support sytem does not work in tribble at all for anyone.

They can add an addendum disclaiming any ill intent on how they are handing the tribble test c store points. Oddly enough even here at the peak of Mt. Bitter-Much? I still find that I agree with them on how they are doing it, for the most part at least. I was even surprised at the first stipend. I felt it was even generous on there part. Wise also it was enough for a top tier ship (some of them at least) but not over the top free bags money, a way to test the system realistically, blah blah blah.

Yep definately feeling the bitterness here myself.

A daily path to F2P post on the website Home page. Not one whisper about this. Lots of things coniveing us to test. Nothing about how to really report issues you come across in game.

How about today you tell us that posting bugs can only be done in forum and not in-game maybe?

Even better you could tell us why.

And best of all, an apology for all who have tried in vain to tell you something (if you reall y are intersted in hearing form us) to find that not only no one was at home, the phone was disconnected anyway.

Then maybe I will get on the forum and report bugs and issues I come across, but not until I KNOW that cryptic really wants to hear from me.

If they want to find me check the top of Mt. Bitter-Much, I'll be there for awhile. If I come down.