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10-07-2011, 02:59 PM
Originally Posted by Nilladog View Post
Programming those stats might be a chore but settling on stats can be accomplished quickly. First, you can see in these threads what player's expectations are. After all this time, HOPEFULLY the designers can quickly settle on what it should be capable of. A small focus team can knock out the issues in a day.

The fact remains, as I've said in several threads, is there has been no motivation to get this done. The Jupiter class has been around since the beginning. How many ships have been added to the game since then while the Jupiter is in purgatory, sitting in a corner like a naughty child?
I have to agree with you on this one, while I won't ever pretend that the Jupiter has a LARGE following, there are a few of us. Some have been calling for it since before I knew this game existed and since I've started up these forums the call has been growing louder.

It is as you say, slightly silly that the Jupiter has been collecting dust when it could be easily shined up and sent out for players. In the least it could be made and sent to Tribble for testing and feedback. I say this would be easy in the fact that it would be easier than making a whole new ship from scratch.

However I do agree with you Feor when you stated that they need to be carful and not rush the stats for the Jupiter because it could be super or sucky and players on both sides could be hurt. However this could be avoided by just putting it up on Tribble and testing for feedback. That's what it's for right?