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10-07-2011, 07:35 PM
Originally Posted by Hakaishin
You're correct, though you misinterpreted my words.

All I meant to point out is that a Galaxy-X is not gimped. It is a fine ship, and in the hands of a fine captain, it has just as much a chance against any other ship as... well, any other ship.

Excelsior's a fine ship (some argue even OP). I love using it. I just like my Galaxy-X more, but that's a preference thing.

Both ships are capable of near the same sustained DPS. Lance and cloak give Galaxy-X an extra oomph, though Excelsior makes up for it with LTC Tac slot and a faster turn rate.

Forgive me if my explanation was... lacking.
No probs'. I don't have anything against the Galaxy-X (except is abismal turn rate). I'm a faster speedier/turnier guy than the Gal-X can accomodate, plus many of my fleeties are in escorts and I can add my TAC-Excelsior support along with heals I carry with me for them (and me). If my fleet wasn't a "Light Horse" unit, I would've taken the time to get good on the X.