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# 1 "The Ice Cube" mission series
10-07-2011, 08:45 PM
NEWS! I just pulled this mission series down for a serious overhaul, bug fixes and new goodies.

Hi, just a quick thread to promote my mission series "The Ice Cube"

Part One
Mixed space and ground combat.

The Klingons have started excavating something frozen beneath the surface of an ice planet. Section 31 is involved, and things start going very very wrong the moment you beam down to the surface.

The one star brigade won I'm rewriting part one to bring it in line with the serious nature of the rest of the series.

This mission seems to have seriously upset some people. It seems the crew getting uncontrollable diarrhea, obnoxious crew comments and behaviour, and squealing effeminate Klingons arguing over cocktail recipes is just too much to cope with. All the outrageous behaviour is explained in part two, if you can stomach getting that far. It's about playing a game and having fun at the same time. Fortunately it seems others have equally enjoyed it. I hope you do.
Part Two (available in "Review Content" at time of writing).
Ground combat, an unfolding storyline and psychological drama.

This mission gets serious fast. The insanity of part one is resolved, and trouble is brewing. This mission is heavy on storyline, with a whopping dose of ground based combat toward the end. You will explore and fight inside an ancient Borg cube, frozen under the freezing wasteland of an ice planet. The atmosphere is dark, entirely alien to standard Borg cubes, and combat feels more like it is taking place in a jungle ravine.

Discover a new species the Borg were performing experiments on. If incinerating the unborn of a new species is a problem, you are gunna hate it

I'll keep this thread updated as new episodes are written. Part three is already under way.

Have fun, and any comments will be appreciated either way