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10-07-2011, 10:59 PM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
Not correct, the Nemesis version was in Nemesis, so it is canon.

The fleet that was supposed to meet the Enterprise was pulled due to budget constraints, not the Enterprise.
He's not talking about that. The Sovereign did get some refining for Nemesis, but there was originally supposed to be a "Refit" version of the Enterprise E at the very end of the movie, after they'd rebuilt the front half of the saucer section, there's some concept sketches for it at the very bottom of the page you linked. It had some subtle but substantive changes to the design that a lot of people seem to like. However it was never on the screen so it's not canon.

Not that being non-canon makes it impossible to add to the game, as people have pointed out, but demanding that something that never got past the concept sketch stage be given as much weight as something that appeared on screen (and of the canon ships) or was a major player in the extended universe (like the Luna) is kinda silly.