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# 25 Bad move!!!!
10-08-2011, 02:34 AM
I was just playing on the KDF side and leveled up to Commander and of course just like everyone else the Dilithium given is not enough for a new ship... WHY did you change the system.. change it back.. this portion of the system was not broken so this is something that needs to be taken completely out. there was nothing wrong with a ship token. Just leave the old system in place... I am shocked that you would change this.

That and you completely have no need for the LT commander tier of ships... by the time you get to choose a new ship you are a commander.. seriously lame. you should have just added new missions instead of screw up the entire opening of the KDF and unbalance the whole system.... LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or better yet you should have finished the KDF side in the first place.. its very clear that you left out so much content... . seriously having to grind to Lt. general is absurd.

Please fix this!!!